My name is Ashley Hendrix, founder of A Hungry Leo, born in Oakland, CA but very much a Memphis native.

 I started this blog because I needed an escape. Between school, work, and being just lazy sometimes, one thing I loved and had to do as a necessity was cooking. Particularly when I am home in Memphis, my favorite hobby is to turn on the speaker or put on some headphones and cook. The music drives me and prolongs the cooking session. Whether it is a simple microwave dish that I probably would never take a picture of, or a very complicated step by step recipe for a dish that takes more than a day to prepare, cooking has been my solace and balance. 

Something that I also very much appreciate and love about cooking is how it and various recipes and cooking styles have not only been in my family, but within African American culture since the beginning of time. If you know me personally, you know that not only is music quintessential to my being, but the preservation of my culture. Cooking is one thing that connects a lot of descendants of the enslaved back to the Motherland, and it shows in the end, we are way more alike than we are different. I love the vastness and variation of dishes, just within African American culture alone and how dishes from different regions of the country are very similar to Diaspora all around the world, from Louisiana Gumbo, to Low-Country She-Crab Soup, to Memphis BBQ, to general staple dishes like Collard Greens and Rice.

My mission for this blog is to show people that cooking shouldn't have to be viewed as a chore or as something that cannot be done. I personally learned how to cook by looking at it as a step by step process, which I gradually learned to be able to freestyle and modify and adjust measurements and flavors to my own personal liking. I am by no means a chef, nor am I an amateur, so I hope to serve as that "in between" for understanding, and to show you guys how to connect something you love, to something you need. 

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